Quiz: What do you know about the Vietnam War?

Last updated on December 7th, 2022 at 07:11 pm

The Vietnam War was one of the most prolonged American conflicts of the 20th century. By its end, over 1 million people lost their lives and America’s policy of containment was a complete failure.

Do you think you know a lot about The Vietnam War?

Then, test your knowledge!

What years did the Vietnam War take place?
What type of government did North Vietnam have?
Which President withdrew United States troops from Vietnam?
What country fought an 8 year war in Vietnam before the US?
What resolution gave President Lyndon Johnson free military reign without a formal declaration of war?

What toxic herbicide did the US use to defoliate the jungle in Vietnam?
Who was North Vietnam's leader during the war?
What famous event happened in Quang Ngia province in 1968?
Who was the US-backed leader of South Vietnam up until 1963?
Which President was responsible for the largest increase in American troops in Vietnam?

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