Benedict Arnold: The Most (In)Famous Traitor in American History

In modern parlance, the name Benedict Arnold is synonymous with treason and betrayal. He’s history’s most famous turncoat. Though relatively few know the story surrounding Arnold’s condemnation, most are aware that he was accused of leading British forces against the American Continental Army. These were the very forces he’d once commanded. But what would lead …

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34 of the scariest photos ever taken

Since photography’s invention in the 1800s, countless photos have been taken, from iconic to deeply sad. Alongside these are terrifying photographs that will put you on the edge of your seat. Take a look at some of the scariest photos ever taken.

26 photos taken just before tragedy struck

In these pivotal moments before tragedy struck, a single photograph was captured, providing a poignant snapshot of the final moments in these lives. Embark on a journey through history, exploring the images taken just before disaster struck.

32 of the most haunting photos from history

History is more than just innovations and triumphs. In truth, much of it involves numerous instances of brutality, warfare, genocide, and other unsettling, regrettable realities. Take a look below at some of the most haunting moments from history.

38 of the creepiest photos ever taken

After the invention of photography in the mid-1800s and continuing through to today, the chronicles of modern history are brimming with genuinely scary photographs that are more horrifying than what’s seen in even the most unsettling horror films. The most terrifying images captured span a wide array, from formidable animals encountered in the wild to …

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