Ancient Greece

Who Were The Sons of Zeus?

In Greek mythology, Zeus is a powerful deity of sky and thunder who ruled as the monarch of Mount Olympus and the head of all gods. In his private life, Zeus was quite the casanova, fathering over 100 children with various mortal and divine women. Among these children were some of Greek mythology’s most famous …

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What Were The 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World?

Skyscrapers, concrete behemoths, and monumental architectures aren’t technological marvels peculiar to the modern world.  Since the first man began using sticks and stone as weapons, innumerable human inventiveness has given birth to some famous architectural creations that even many modern marvels cannot compare.  The most spectacular of these recorded achievements have come to be recognized …

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Absolute Monarchies in Europe

The world we live in today is largely governed through democracy and ensures constitutional rights to its citizens. The kings and queens we hear of hold little more than symbolic power.  But, that wasn’t always the case.  The European world, often lauded as a bastion of democracy today, was once ruled by absolute monarchies.  This …

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