25 photos that will restore your faith in humanity

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Iconic Propaganda posters throughout history

Propaganda posters have long served as powerful tools for shaping public opinion and rallying support for various causes, particularly during times of conflict and political upheaval. These visually striking and emotionally charged artworks blend artistry with persuasive messaging, aiming to influence perceptions, inspire action, and convey ideologies. From the iconic wartime posters of the early …

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Who was the Greek God Morpheus?

Morpheus is one of the lesser-known Greek gods. He was associated with sleep and dreams.  Ovid The first surviving literary reference to Morpheus is found in Metamorphoses, the magnum opus of the Roman poet Ovid. The title translates to Transformations.  Born Publius Ovidius Naso in the year 43 BC, Ovid dedicated decades of his life …

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