Ancient Greece

Why did ancient Greece decline?

Few civilizations have had as much of an impact on the modern world as ancient Greece. Once a collection of city-states, Greece was a haven for art, intellectualism, and education. But like so many other mighty civilizations of the time, Greece’s meteoric rise could only be ended by an equally intense fall. The decline of […]

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The Great Dionysia

The world of Ancient Greece was steeped in religious and cultural traditions of all kinds. Festivals and rituals played a central role in everyday life. The Great Dionysia was one such festival. In ancient Athens, the celebration was a time of revelry, theater, and religious devotion. For several days each spring, the city would come

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Who was the Greek God Morpheus?

Morpheus is one of the lesser-known Greek gods. He was associated with sleep and dreams.  Ovid The first surviving literary reference to Morpheus is found in Metamorphoses, the magnum opus of the Roman poet Ovid. The title translates to Transformations.  Born Publius Ovidius Naso in the year 43 BC, Ovid dedicated decades of his life

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Who is the Greek God Ares?

Ares is the Greek god of war.  Battle personified, Ares represented many of the more gruesome aspects of warfare. Unlike his sister Athena, who was associated with calm strategy, Ares was all battle frenzy and violence. He wasn’t particularly popular with the Greeks, and even his family disliked him. He found much more success with

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Who is the Greek God Apollo?

Apollo was a god revered by both the Greeks and the Romans. He is the only one of the pantheon to be called by the same name in both cultures.  He was seen as the perfect man: wise, powerful, and eternally young. Apollo was peaceful – at least, more so than most of the volatile

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