Inside The Empire Of Tartaria, One Of History’s Wildest Conspiracies

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The Capitol in Washington, the Pyramids of Gaza, and the Great Wall of China. What if someone were to tell you that everything you’ve been taught about them is wrong and that these structures were built by an ancient civilization long before our time?

Naturally, you would be inclined to roll your eyes.

As crazy as this sounds, thousands of people on the internet are convinced that an ancient mega civilization called Tartaria, or the Tartarian Empire, is responsible for some of human civilization’s most significant architectural achievements.

Just like stories of the lost civilization of Atlantis or the lost continents of Lemuria and Mu, this architectural conspiracy has been gaining some ground in recent years.

Starting as a bunch of videos by some creators on YouTube, this theory quickly spread, and now it has gathered a following of over 14,000 believers.

And just like the previously mentioned lost civilizations, their story ends in submersion, although this one is a mud flood.

A mud flood was said to have wiped out this Empire, leaving only architectural marvels that could not be destroyed by the flood or our “backward” human hands. 

And if you think this is interesting, it gets much better. There is reportedly a cover-up going on by people who want to hide Tartaria’s existence and claim its achievements for themselves.

Origin Of The Tartaria Conspiracy Theory

The Tartaria Conspiracy Theory has its roots in Russian Pseudoscience, with mentions of the Empire of Tartaria first appearing in Russian conspiracy theorist Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology.

Nikolai Levashov later spread his work around in his racial occult history. 

This led to a belief that Russia was Tartaria, whose real origins were covered up by the West. Later, the Russia Geographical Society later debunked all these claims, dismissing this conspiracy theory as an extremist fantasy.

Map of Tartaria by Giovanni Botero.

Talk about the Tartarian Empire seemingly fizzled out until 2016, when it started to appear online on various YouTube conspiracy theory channels and eventually gained ground in 2017 when it began to pop up on Facebook, Reddit, and other social media channels. 

However, this theory deviated from its Russian origins and became an architectural conspiracy.

According to the proponents of this theory, Tartaria was a giant race of technologically superior beings who existed on Earth long before we came into the picture. Some even suggest that we devolved from them after the “Great Flood of Mud.”

This Flood was responsible for wiping them and most of their technological innovations out, leaving only remnants of their architecture.

And ever since we came along, some people have been trying to hide their existence from the world and claim their architecture as their own. 

Historical foundations for Tartaria

Many aspects of the Tartaria conspiracy theory have been attributed to conspiracy theorists misreading historical maps or not having enough knowledge of certain historical events.

Still, avid believers would tell you that this is the work of certain forces trying to cover up our world’s more-enlightened past. And in a misguided way, their theories have a foundation in actual history.


The name Tartaria originated in the 18th century. At the time, the West had little to no knowledge about the people of central and inner Asia alongside Siberia. They were called Tartars, and their lands were called Tartary.

This blanket term was used to generalize the area and people of that region so the West could identify them. The term “Tatar” is said to have originated from the Chinese word “dada” and was often used to refer to any nomad coming from China.

Modern Tartarian Conspiracists took it a step further with the premise of an alternative history in which a technologically advanced race that sprung up from north-central Asia was responsible for vast cities and infrastructures built worldwide.

However, after this civilization collapsed, some claiming as recently as a hundred years ago, remnants of their building were recast. Their origins attributed to contemporary architects who could not execute such architectural marvels.

The “Great Cover-Up”

If you asked any Tartarian conspiracy theorists why there are no solid pieces of evidence of this lost city of Tartaria, they would all give you two answers, the Great Mud Flood and the Great Cover-Up. So, who would want to hide the existence of this technologically advanced race?

The common answer to that would be modern Western world powers like France, the United States, and Germany.

There is a shared opinion that many of the conflicts between the 19th and 20th centuries were actually because of Tartaria. It is believed that Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia was an attack on the Empire of Tartaria, and after the Great Mud Flood, World Wars I and II were all just excuses to wipe out the rest of Tartaria.

This ties in with many historic buildings being destroyed, especially during the Second World War.

An “ingenious” conspiracy theorist would also mention that according to Google Ngram, words like “Tartaria” or “Tartary” seemed to dip into obscurity in the 19th century.

The reason for this is far simpler than a massive cover up.

The blanket term often used to describe the people of central and inner Asia and Siberia during this period was dropped for more accurate names like Mongols leading to a drop in the use of the words “Tartaria” and “Tartary.”

The Tartarian Empire

The theory of the Tartarian Empire might seem ridiculous or a delusion of grandeur, but taking a moment to listen to some of these theorists will make you realize that all of this stems from a fear of change and how quickly it can happen.

A conversation with some of these theorists would slowly make you conclude that these people sound more like non-profit preservationists as you watch them explain how society walks around, not truly understanding or valuing their environment and believing only what they are being fed.

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