Stunning photos that secure Bettie Page’s Legacy as Pin-up Royalty

Bettie Page was an iconic American model who gained popularity for her influential pin-up photos during the 1950s. She was widely celebrated as the “Queen of Pin-ups,” and her distinctive features included jet-black hair, blue eyes, and a signature bangs hairstyle. Her style and beauty left a lasting impact on artists across generations.

Bettie Page was born in 1923 in Nashville, Tennessee. In her early adult years, Page lived in California before relocating to New York City with aspirations to become an actress.

In New York, she started her career as a pin-up model, working with numerous photographers throughout the 1950s. Page was recognized as “Miss January 1955,” becoming one of the first Playmates of the Month for Playboy magazine.

In 1959, Page embraced evangelical Christianity and began working for Billy Graham. She pursued religious studies at Bible colleges in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, aiming to become a missionary.

In her later life, Paged faced depression, mood swings, and a prolonged stay in a state psychiatric hospital due to paranoid schizophrenia. However, she saw a revival in popularity during the 1980s.

Discover the mesmerizing and timeless beauty of Bettie Page in the 1950s through these stunning photos.

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