Isabella Rossellini: Stunning photos of the Italian star

Born into cinematic royalty on June 18, 1952, in Rome, Isabella Rossellini has forged a path distinctly hers. Her career spans acting, modeling, writing, and philanthropy, each chapter marked by her distinctive style.

Rossellini’s career began with a brief stint as a television translator, but it wasn’t long before the fashion world beckoned. By 1982, she was the face of Lancôme, a role that not only defined a decade of fashion but also established her as a global icon.

Her film debut in “Il Prato” (1979) was modest, but Rossellini’s breakthrough came with her performance in David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” (1986). 

As the tortured lounge singer Dorothy Vallens, Rossellini’s portrayal was both haunting and compelling, earning her critical acclaim. This role was a gateway to more cinematic endeavors, including her work in “Wild at Heart” and “Death Becomes Her,” showcasing her range and willingness to embrace diverse, challenging roles.

Beyond the screen, Rossellini has shown a deep commitment to education and conservation. After her contract with Lancôme ended, she redirected her focus towards these passions producing a series of shorts, “Green Porno,” about the reproductive habits of marine animals.

Rossellini returned to Lancôme in 2016 as a model and muse, breaking the industry’s age barriers and red redefining beauty standards.

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