Jayne Mansfield: Photos of one of the most stunning sex symbols of the 50s and 60s.

Jayne Mansfield was a highly successful American actress and sex symbol who significantly impacted the entertainment industry during her short career.

Apart from her acting skills, Mansfield was also a talented nightclub entertainer, singer, and one of the early Playboy Playmates. She was known for pushing boundaries with publicity stunts, including wardrobe malfunctions.

Despite being married and divorced thrice and having five children, Mansfield was allegedly involved with multiple high-profile men, including both Robert and John F. Kennedy.

However, Jayne Mansfield’s glamorous life came to an untimely end when she died in a tragic car accident in Eastern New Orleans at the age of 34. Even though she lived a short life, she left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry as a confident, talented, and glamorous perform.

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