Iconic Propaganda posters throughout history

Propaganda posters have long served as powerful tools for shaping public opinion and rallying support for various causes, particularly during times of conflict and political upheaval. These visually striking and emotionally charged artworks blend artistry with persuasive messaging, aiming to influence perceptions, inspire action, and convey ideologies.

From the iconic wartime posters of the early 20th century to contemporary digital campaigns, propaganda posters offer a unique lens into the socio-political climate of their times.

To reduce import dependency and promote local produce during WW2, Allied governments advocated for “Victory Gardens” on available land, including urban spaces like New York City. This British poster was one of many versions utilized in the campaign across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany.
This iconic WWI recruitment poster features Lord Kitchener, the British War Secretary, in a Field Marshal’s cap, urging viewers to join the fight against Central Powers. This poster later inspired similar campaigns in the United States and the Soviet Union during WW2.

Motherland – Arguably the most famous WWII Soviet recruitment poster. The illustration portrays “Mother Russia clutching the Red Army oath in her hand.

“Rationing Means a Fair Share For All of Us,” USA, c. 1940s

Treat ‘em Rough” 1917 – Poster by August William Hutaf for the United States Tank Corps.
“No to racism,” USSR, 1972.

Labor party of America, 1968.

Anti metric system poster, 1917.

Pro-choice poster, 1981, USA

Guerrilla Girls, 1991.
Navy Recruitment

Poster by René Georges Hermann-Paul, 1899

“Freedom” Leslie Illingworth, 1940.

Workers of the world, Unite!

United China Relief was a joint effort to raise money for humanitarian aid for China during WWII.

WW2 propaganda poster

“ILLITERATE is like BLIND: misfortune and woes awaits him everywhere”

“Who’s the Illegal Ailen, Pilgrim? by Yolanda López, United States, 1981.

“This Could be you” U.S. Air Force 1950s

A baby belongs in a manger, not on the tundra, USSR, 1967

Temperance postcard, 1915, USA

US pro Russian poster poster after February revolution 1917.

American elections poster from the Soviet Union, 1972

NATO: entry and exit from the USSR, 1953. 

“May I eat with you, Mr. Police Dog?” German communist poster, 1930s

The Veteran’s Farewell, WWI

NATO, Soviet Union, 1958

“Don’t talk us out of this”, USA, WW2, 1943-45

“MacArthur is giving his all – are you?” (1942)

Laotian anti-opium poster.

“Prosperity at Home, Prestige Abroad” Mckinley poster, 1900.

”Deutschland Unter Allies” – May 1943

“Mr. Peanut Goes to War,” US Department of Agriculture, 1943

Poster for the “Anti-masonry Exhibition,” German occupied Serbia, 1941

Stop the aggressor! USSR, 1958

“Human Shield” by Sergey Solomko, c. 1916

American anti-war illustration from WWI showing Christ facing a firing squad composed of soldiers of the belligerent nations, 1916.

Over-Education, Puck Magazine, USA, 1902

Same years, different weather, USSR, 1949

“Nearly 50% of your Tax Dollars Go for Reagan’s Military Budget,” 1981

The first Million, WWI, 1917

Stalin and Uncle-Sam arm-wrestling over South America, 1947.

“You are NOT powerless, You DO have a voice, NO WAR” UK, 2003

“Everybody, come kill sparrows” 1956 Chinese campaign

“Strong, United, Ready” – Poland, 1939

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