12 horrifying interviews with the world’s worst criminals

True crime stories captivate people around the world. The intrigue often lies in understanding the darkest aspects of human nature and the satisfaction of seeing justice served. However, there are instances where these notorious individuals are given a platform to present their perspectives on camera, sparking debate.

Is this an opportunity to delve into the psyche of these criminals, or does it inadvertently fulfill their desire for attention and notoriety?

Kevin Davis’ police interview after he took his own mother’s life.

Aileen Wuornos’ final interview

Charles Manson Interview with Diane Sawyer

Interview with Richard Kulinksi, AKA “The Iceman.”

Chilling interview with Richard Cottingham

1981 interview with Edmund Kemper.

Grant Amato police interview after taking the lives of his entire family.

Stephen McDaniel remains remarkably still during his police interview.

Insane interview with Russell Jones, who plated to take the lives of his 15 year girlfriend’s parents.

Interview with Dr. Harold Shipman

Horrifying interview with Dennis Nilsen, the UK’s Jeffrey Dahmer.

Interview with Jeffrey Dahmer

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