32 Beautifully Colored Photographs of Famous People

Last updated on November 3rd, 2022 at 11:43 pm

Amelia Earhart. Color by Klimbim

Claude Monet in his garden. Giverny, 1899. Color by Lorenzo Folli

Elvis Presley with his parents, 1937. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

Young Charlie Chaplin, 1916. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

Stalin, 1902. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

W. E. B. Du Bois, 1907. Color by Sanna Dullaway.

Stan Lee. Color by Lorenzo Folli

Lee Harvey Oswald. Color by Lorenzo Folli

Clark Gable. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

Muhammad Ali, 1974. Color by Lorenzo Folli

Charles Darwin, 1867. Color by Lorenzo Folli

Salvador Dali, 1935. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo and Natalya Sedova, 1937. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

Marilyn Monroe. Color by Mario Unger.

Alfred Hitchcock, 1956.

Mussolini being arrested, 1915. Color by Lorenzo Folli.

Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet for his wife. Cairo, Egypt, 1961.

Robin Williams as a mime in Central Park, 1974. Color by Jecini

Queen Elizabeth serving as an ambulance driver, 1945. Color by Richard James Molloy.

Picasso. Color by Mario Unger.

Edgar Allen Poe. Color Lorenzo Folli.

Tsar Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov. Color by Jecini.

Harrison Ford, David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fisher, Kenny Baker, And Mark Hamill, 1977.

Grace Kelly. Color by Mario Unger.

Laurel and Hardy. Color by Mario Unger.

An 81-year-old Nikola Tesla, 1937

Abraham Lincoln, 1865. Color by hmhsbrittanic

Albert Einstein. Color by Mario Unger

Che Guevara. Photo by Walt Unger.

Mark Twain. Color by Mario Unger.

If you enjoyed these photos of famous people in color, learn more about how colorized photos are bringing history to life.

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