Boris Kipriyanovich: The child genius who claimed he was from Mars

Children who recall past lives or other sorts of information they can’t possibly know have always fascinated the public. There’s something special and magnetic about someone so young possessing such a wealth of knowledge, and it can lead us to wonder if there was some secret knowledge that we, too, knew all those years ago. 

One of those children stood out from the others, appearing more incredible than previously thought possible. Although we only have his mother’s words to describe the early years of his life, this wonder child, Boris Kipriyanovich, went public with his unusual claims and captivated the world. 

Boris Kipriyanovich, the child genius, was born in 1996, and 11 years later would claim that he was really a Martin who was reborn on Earth. With such a wild claim, why did so many people readily believe him?

The Boy with the Cosmic Knowledge: Who is Boris Kipriyanovich?

Deep in the Volgograd region of Russia, Boris, or “Boriska” to his mother, was born on January 11, 1996. Even from birth, he was different from other babies. 

Boris’s mother says that her child’s birth was swift and painless and that when she held her precious baby, he looked up at her with what she recalls as the big brown eyes of a grown adult. He could immediately focus on objects, which is usually impossible for a newborn.

As Boris grew, he continued to display feats of intelligence that shocked them. According to his mother, Boris was beginning to speak at 4 months of age, and by 8 months, he was speaking basic sentences. For reference, most babies don’t even say their first word until the ages of 9 to 12 months. 

The next extraordinary milestone for Boris was reading basic sentences at a year of age, and it was then that his parents noticed their child had what they described as psychic abilities. Their one-year-old child was now painting and drawing, and the first inklings of what he would later claim to be his Martian origins appeared. 

Boris grew, and as the years went by, his interest in space, astronomy, and other celestial subjects increased by leaps and bounds. His parents would later say they never went out of their way to teach their son anything about space, but that he brought up the subject all on his own. 

Little Boriska started kindergarten at the tender age of only 2, but he was already displaying high-level reading and writing skills that made it easy for him to fit in with the older children. Before long, he would reveal his identity as a Martian in his past life, using his incredible knowledge about space to convince even disbelievers about his claims. 

The Indigo Child: Boris Kipriyanovich and His Life on Mars 

The first bit of attention that Boris garnered outside of his family was when he was featured in the Russian newspaper Pravda. The story of the little boy, just 7 came about when Boris captivated an adult audience during a family camping trip, telling them tales of his past life on Mars and about the hypothetical lost continent of Lemuria. His descriptions were so detailed that a professor in the audience, Gennady Belimov, was taken aback by the boy’s stories, and alerted the newspaper of the tiny genius. 

The first extensive interview of Boris and his mother, Nadya, seems to have been done by the publication Project Camelot. Boris was 11 at the time, and seemed reluctant to speak about his amazing recollections at first, but eventually opened up. 

In the interview, Boris described the civilizations on Mars, and how it was all but wiped out by a nuclear war. He said confidently that he was reborn on Earth to help prevent the same fate from happening here and confided that he wasn’t the only harbinger of nuclear doom to be reborn. 

Boris knew these other reborn Martians as Indigo children and was positive they exist all over the world. The term Indigo children and the idea that these children have special, unique abilities is nothing new, but Boris’s addition that they are reborn Martins was a surprising addition to the existing lore. 

Boris describes his life as a Martian with minute detail, telling interviewers that, “We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft. Martian spaceships are very complicated. They are layered, and they can fly all across the Universe.”

Another huge prophecy that Boris shared with the world was that humanity would change forever when some sort of mechanism behind the ear of the Egyptian Sphinx was activated. He couldn’t elaborate more, but many took his warnings seriously. 

Boris Kipriyanovich’s predictions were so interesting because he paired them with sharp, undeniable intelligence. Even if we take out all the Martian talk, Boris was still an incredibly smart child. 

The Future of Boris Kipriyanovich

Today, in 2023, Boris Kipriyanovich would be 27 years old. We have heard very little from the Indigo child since the interviews he did in his youth, and there are multiple theories on what happened to him.

While some more conspiracy-minded individuals believe he is being kept under lock and key by the Russian government, the most likely fate for Boris Kipriyanovich is that he simply faded into obscurity and is living a normal life. 

It’s hard to follow up claims of being a Martian or being able to predict the end of the world, so it isn’t surprising that Boris fell out of the limelight as he aged. That doesn’t change the legacy he left behind or the impact he made on those he spoke to, though. Everyone from his mother to professors and interviewers was so shaken by Boris that they needed no convincing to believe his tales. 

Wherever he is, Boris was an inspiration to many who feel like the universe is bigger than we currently understand. Whether Boris was the real deal or just a fantastic storyteller is something we might never know.


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