50 rare photos of daily life in the 19th century

The 19th century stands out as a period of profound transformation and contrast. This era witnessed the upheaval of revolutions, the bloom of the Industrial Revolution, and the quiet moments of daily life unfolding against a backdrop of changing landscapes.

It was a century that bridged the gap between the old world and the modern age, where old technologies like horse-drawn carriages mingled with the beginning of revolutionary new technologies.

Family time at the Niagara River, 1890s.

A lady picking Water Lillies in 1894.

A Glasgow slum in 1868.

“The Old lady and her Pets”, 1886.

5th Avenue and 59th Street, New York City, 1897

An Italian ice man selling ices to children, 1877.

Las Vegas, Nevada, 1895.

Workmen laying wooden water pipeline. Idaho, 1891.

Gold miners at work, 1898.

Tough men in Washington from 1890.

Interior of a California bar in 1889.

Rare photo of a family from the 1890s.

A young lady washing her feet in the river, 1890.

A young boy and his dog from 1889.

Family in front of their log house 1880’s.

Muddy street scene, Skagway, Alaska, October 1897.

3 women in Marshall, Texas, 1899.

Atmospheric photograph of Waterloo Place, London in 1899.

Woman in pants going for a bike ride, 1897.

Corseted women play cards in the wilderness, 1890s.

Rural One-Room School House In Florida, 1870s.

Making a snow hut, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1895.

A miners’ boardinghouse in Palmetto, California in the 1860s.

New parents of quadruplets, 1880s

Loggers pose with a massive redwood, 1892.

Bottling ketchup at the Heinz factory, Pittsburgh, 1897.

Two newsies, New York, 1896.

“Point Lookout”, Tennessee, 1880s.

Say That Again, And I’ll Dip You In, 1897.

A Snow Lady, 1892.

Family in front of a farmhouse, Nebraska, 1888.

New York slums, 1890

Woman in pants going for a bike ride, 1897.

New York in winter, 1895.

Young ladies in Norway, 1890s.

Kendall Green Bike Club in front of Faculty Row, 1885.

A teacher and her students stand in front of a sod schoolhouse. Oklahoma, 1895.

A Family In Front Of Their Summer Home. Stockholm, Sweden, 1867.

Old West Cowboys working on a ranch, 1890.

A daughter teaching her mother how to read, Alabama, 1890.

Brooklyn Bridge under construction, 1880.

Inside a train, 1800s.

Around the campfire, Maine in 1884.

Women in Witch Costumes, 1800s.

A mother helping her son with a loose tooth, 1897.

Cowboys and hands camping in the Dakota Badlands, 1870s.

Photographer with his camera, 1865.

Unidentified family in front of their sod house, 1870s.

Campsite in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, 1870.

Young clock maker at his desk, 1860s.

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