Was Hitler Responsible for the First Inflatable Sex Doll?

Last updated on January 24th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

What if we told you that it’s possible that the person who planted the seeds for the inflatable sex doll industry was modern history’s greatest villain, Adolf Hitler? 

To be clear, the truth of this is not clear, but there is some interesting evidence that may suggest this is the case.

German Soldiers in France 

When the Germans occupied France in the 1940s, German soldiers, like most people, had certain needs. These needs were met by French prostitutes, who picked them up in bars, restaurants, and dance halls. 

The problem? France was battling a serious syphilis epidemic. 

Hitler’s SS chief Himmler wrote to his führer a memo that stated that he was concerned for the well-being of German soldiers in these circumstances. It was pointed out that at the time, more Nazi soldiers were being incapacitated by the disease than by enemy bullets. 

This was thought to spark an idea for Hitler, who may have suffered from syphilis, to approve a suggested initiative known as the “Borghild Project.” 

The Borghild Project

This project was supposedly put together to construct “gynoids,” or smaller-than-life dolls for soldiers to use. This was to take place at the German Hygiene Museum under Franz Tschackert. 

The project even involved a psychologist, Rudolf Chargeheimer, who suggested that the dolls be made of synthetic material that closely resembles human flesh in terms of texture and elasticity. 

When the designers set to work, they approached famous Hungarian actress Kathe von Nagy with a request to make the silicone doll modeled after her. She turned down the offer, so they turned to their Aryan biases to create a blonde, blue eye miniature human replica for their design. 

After the design, the dolls were tested thoroughly by Nazi soldiers, and 50 such dolls were ordered to be supplied to German soldiers.

However, the soldiers turned down the opportunity for this type of “release,” concerned that the doll would be discovered on them if captured. The level of embarrassment they suspected they would feel would have been significant. 

Uncovering the Projects Origins

An unlikely author named Graeme Donald uncovered the project’s origins and documentation. He had been researching material for his book “Mussolini’s Barber,” specifically dealing with the history of American Barbie Dolls, in which he chronicled lesser-known, odd war-time stories.

This prompted Donald to expose his findings, referencing Hitler ordering the Nazi sex doll manufacturing for his soldiers. 

So how did the evidence hold up of this being true? Not very well. The case was primarily predicated on two photographs with a theory that has since been largely debunked.

The pictures also supposedly came from a journalist named Norbert Lenz, but no evidence has been found that he even existed. Even the German Hygiene Museum employees were questioned about the project. They had little information to offer about its existence and no definitive proof.

So was Hitler the father of the modern sex doll? This may be an odd mystery lost to the sands of time.

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