Ursula Andress: Stunning photos of the original Bond girl

Ursula Andress, born on March 19, 1936, in Ostermundigen, Switzerland, emerged as a quintessential symbol of glamour and allure in the 1960s cinema.

Best known for her breakthrough role as Honey Ryder in the 1962 James Bond film “Dr. No,” Andress set the standard for the Bond girl phenomenon with her iconic beach scene entrance, captivating audiences worldwide. Her portrayal not only etched her name into cinematic history but also won her a Golden Globe.

Beyond Bond, Andress’s filmography includes notable films like “Fun in Acapulco” with Elvis Presley and the cult classic “Clash of the Titans,” where she played Aphrodite. Despite facing typecasting in her career, she showcased versatility in various international productions, contributing to the Italian and French cinema.

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