Did The US Government Experiment With Mind Control On The Montauk Project?

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The Montauk Project is a name that’s only mentioned in rarefied circles. But if you’ve seen the Stranger Things series, you may have an idea what it is. 

The Montauk Project may be one of the most imaginative conspiracy theories associated with the US government. However, few allegations about this conspiracy describe experiments conducted on the Eastern part of Long Island. 

What’s even more horrifying is that these experiments were reportedly a way to develop mind control abilities in children. 

Little or nothing is known about the actual events surrounding the Montauk Project.  

While it may be one of the lesser-known conspiracies, you’ll hear words like mind control, time travel, and teleportation in its stories.

Everyone who has listened to the stories about the Montauk Project has wondered the same thing. How can such a chilling project exist without being uncovered or ever being heard of?

Perhaps no one trusts a source of information that cannot be verified, or the government has done an excellent job covering its tracks. We’ll never know. But we will try as this piece will review the essential details of this conspiracy. 

Hawkins Lab from Stranger Things was inspried by the Montauk Projeect
Hawkins Lab from Stranger Things was inspried by the Montauk Projeect

The Origin of The Montauk Project Conspiracy

The first mention of The Montauk Conspiracy was in 1992. Preston B. Nichols published a book – The Montauk Project: Experiments In Time. 

During the mid-1980s, rumors broke out that the government was experimenting on the eastern part of Long Island. 

The government wanted to dabble in psychological warfare, and their facility on Long Island was the solution. When Nichols’s book was released, it only added more fire to the rumors. 

According to Nichols’ book, Camp Hero and the Montauk Air Force Station were the sites for the US military’s paranormal research. 

The accounts in the book were based on memories that the writer recovered during his time on the project. 

Preston Nichols can give a detailed description of the interior of these military bases, program procedures, out-of-world technology, etc. He even recounts a few paranormal incidents that he witnessed. 

After the book’s release, some other individuals began discussing their experiences with illicit research. While many have referred to the timing of these confessions as questionably convenient, they helped quantify Nichols’ claims. Today, the Montauk project remains a mystery.

Preston Nichols’ work is quite detailed. He mentions all types of events, including experiments on mind control, space-time portals and cross-dimensional travel, alien contact, and child abduction. 

He also said the operations of the Montauk Project were controlled by the US military and financed by recovered German loot from WWII. There are many lost details, but we can at least make sense of what’s going on by looking at past events. 

Project Philadelphia

There are a few interconnected stories that support the Montauk Project conspiracy. One of these stories is Project Philadelphia. The story of the Montauk Project may align with one other ancient conspiracy. 

According to reports regarding the Philadelphia experiment of 1943, the US military may have cracked the code on teleportation. 

In their attempts to bypass Nazi radar, the USS Eldridge vanished and reappeared at another location. This achievement was possible through electromagnetic fields. 

There have been numerous accounts of this event. However, it’s safe to say that all of them agree on developing innovative technology by the US military. 

They claim that the new technology developed transported the USS Eldridge from a shipyard in Philadelphia to another location without alerting radar. When the ship was finally discovered, it was more than 200 miles away in Norfolk, Virginia. 

The events of the Philadelphia project were mind-blowing, but they had a more significant effect on crew members than on the shipping vessel. 

When the USS Eldridge returned to the Philadelphia shipyard, some crew members were fused to the ship’s bulkheads. There were even those who had rematerialized inside out. However, only a few were not driven insane by the disorientation of the hyperspace bubble responsible for their journey. 

The story of the Philadelphia project failed to have any traction because most of the recounts were disprovable due to a lack of evidence and corroboration or because they disagreed with the laws of physics. 

No two stories about the Philadelphia project repeat the exact details. Even shadier is that some worked on the USS Eldridge in 1943, who completely discredited this story. 

The Philadelphia project is one of the oldest conspiracies and had been making the rounds before contributing to the Montauk project. 

Bielek’s Narration

In 1984, a forgettable movie about the Philadelphia project was released. This movie was titled The Philadelphia Experiment. 

This movie sparked another set of rumors about paranormal government research. It all began when Al Bielek, a 57-year-old man, claimed to experience De Ja Vu from watching the onscreen creation in 1988. 

Bielek explained that he could unlock a considerable chunk of suppressed memories. These memories revealed his involvement in the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk project. He believed that both projects were related in one way or another. 

Al Bielek didn’t hold back his allegations. According to him, his memories had been tampered with using the CIA’s MK-Ultra system. He even claimed that the program that wiped his memory had given him a new identity. 

His real name was Edward Cameron. He and his brother, Duncan Cameron, were aboard the USS Eldridge in 1943. 

It’s safe to say that Bielek was reasonably confident in his version of the events he described. He told his story at a Mutual UFO Network Conference in 1990. 

During his time here, he stated that the Philadelphia project was more than a fantasy. 

He and his brother were at the center of these events. Furthermore, he explained that Nikola Tesla was the brain behind the experiment that caused the Philadelphia incident. However, Bielek’s imaginative tales didn’t end there. 

He also said that Tesla’s work led to the creation of a wormhole that transported him and his brother to Camp Hero. The pair arrived at a future date on August 12, 1983.

As Bielek’s story goes further, it becomes more difficult to confirm his details. But the main point of his account was that he and his brother joined the Montauk experiment from Philadelphia’s project. 

Remember Preston Nichols? Bielek claimed to have met him in the 1970s and even developed a working relationship with the famous conspiracy theory writer. 

Their working relationship resulted in the invention of “the Montauk Chair.” Later, this chair would be a vital component of the entire project. It also describes a window of activities for this secret project. 

The Montauk Chair is perhaps the only equipment or part of the Montauk conspiracy that has appeared in two separate witness accounts. Perhaps there’s some truth to these events; let’s keep digging. 

The Montauk Project Experiments

The Montauk Chair

Preston Nichols describes his work on the infamous Montauk Chair in his book. According to his narrations, this chair would boost the psychic abilities of whoever sat in it. 

Duncan Cameron, Bielek’s brother, displayed some psychic abilities as he sat in the chair several times. During his time with the psychic chair, Cameron exhibited additional abilities to manifest objects with his mind. 

You’ll recollect a similar device if you’ve seen the hit TV series Stranger Things. It’s used by a character called Eleven to open a portal to an alternate dimension called the Upside Down. 

Nichols’ narrations about the Montauk project describe a similar event where Cameron and researchers would open space-time portals. While these coincidences are nothing to go by, we cannot help but wonder what might be happening. 

The Montauk chair isn’t the only secret experiment described by Nichols. He described another paranormal concept that had been researched by the CIA and was included in Stranger Things. According to the words in his book; 

“The first experiment was called ‘The Seeing Eye.’ With a lock of a person’s hair or other appropriate objects in his hand, Duncan could concentrate on the person and see as if he saw through their eyes, hearing through their ears, and feeling through their body. 

He could see through other people anywhere on the planet.”

The Montauk Boys

While many people are disturbed by the nature of events and dangerous experiments described in the Montauk Project, what’s even more disturbing is the alleged abduction of children for experimentation. 

His book describes the abduction of young children – as young as four – to participate in the gory tests at the hidden facility. 

Nichols’ book called these abductees “Montauk boys.” He explained that many of these subjects were picked off the street, while some were even abducted from their homes. 

Nichols narrated the level of psychological breakdown to which many of these boys were subjected. After experiments were concluded, many of them found it difficult to recollect the incidents at Camp Hero. 

Stories about Montauk Boys may seem far-fetched, but there has been someone who has come forward to corroborate these stories. 

Preston Nichols and Al Bielek aren’t the only men who have recovered repressed memories of the Montauk Project. 

A similar experience occurred in 2017 with a 52-year-old man called Stewart Swerdlow. Swerdlow lived in Michigan during the time of his revelation. His stories shed more light on the horrific abuse of the Montauk Boys. He said; 

“When the experiments started, they’d target ‘expendable’ boys like orphans, runaways, or the children of drug addicts. The kind of kids no one would really come looking for.

The aim was to fracture your mind so they could program you. For example, they would change the temperature from very hot to very cold, starve you, then over-feed you. I remember being beaten with a wooden pole.

And they loved to hold your head underwater until you nearly drowned. That was effective — it makes a person likely to listen to and obey their ‘rescuer.’ They also used LSD to put our brains into an altered state.”

Asides from the physical abuse, Swerdlow claimed that he had observed Montauk research staff sexually abuse the children to break them down further. 

Swerdlow even recounts experiences where he and other boys were sent to Mars and other ancient locations through Project portals. Some of the children were lost during the early days of the experiment because of incorrect coordinates. 

What Happened To The Montauk Project?

You’re probably wondering where all the stories of the Montauk Project end. Nichols’ book highlights the end of these horrific experiments during the early 1980s. He said researchers had to shut down the project because events had started to spiral out of control. 

Despite its cinematic trope, the Montauk Project ended when the boys overpowered researchers. Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and some other boys rebelled against their captors. 

Cameron used the Montauk chair to manifest a scary beast that led to the facility’s destruction and the project’s swift end. It wasn’t until this beast had destroyed Montauk’s equipment that the unleashed beast vanished. This story was incorporated into the plot of Stranger Things. 

Preston Nichols conveniently ended his book with claims that Camp Hero was flooded with cement to shut it down and that all those involved had their memories suppressed via MK-Ultra techniques. You’ll still find the decommissioned Camp Hero structure on Long Island. 

As you’d expect, the US military has vehemently denied any association with the Montauk Project. Many believe these denials are only a tactic to distract public attention from the real events at Camp Hero. 

Before releasing classified documents on MK-Ultra and similar projects, the military had previously denied mind control research. There have also been military interest in paranormal phenomena, such as Project Stargate. 

No one can confirm the incidents of the Montauk Project, but there are enough reasons for anyone to be wary after learning about this conspiracy. 

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