34 iconic photos of San Francisco in the 1960s

Take a look back at San Francisco in the 1960s with this collection of photographs from the era that put it on the map. These images show the city as it was, offering glimpses of everyday life, the people, the streets, and the evolving culture during a notable decade.

From quiet neighborhood scenes in Haight-Ashbury to the early days of tech in Silicon Valley, these photos capture San Francisco before the tech boom completely transformed its landscape.

Janis Joplin poses for a photo on Haight-Ashbury in 1967.

Hippies dancing while on drugs
“Bike Power”

Allen Ginsburg visiting San Francisco

A picnic near the Golden Gate Bridge

The iconic Cliff House restaurant with its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Hippies in Golden Gate Park

SF’s China Town is the oldest in the country.

The Grateful Dead pose in Haight Ashbury

A free concert in Golden Gate Park

Having dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf

The SF Streetcar

Getting some To-go cocktails


George Harrison plays for a crowd in Golden Gate Park

Hell’s Angels hanging with hippies.

Portrait of a group of friends by Elaine Mays

Communal living

Hippie’s begging for change.

Campari ad

“Free Love”

Hippie stairs at the sky.

Portrait of someone named Linda by Elaine Mayes, Straight Theatre, 1968

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