26 Iconic commercials from the 1980s

TV ads from the past, especially those from the 1980s, hold a special place in many people’s hearts, often evoking strong feelings of nostalgia.

This sentiment has given rise to popular YouTube channels that archive these commercials. With their distinct visuals and jingles, these ads instantly transport viewers back to their childhood or younger years.

The commercials of the 1980s are particularly notable, capturing the era’s vibrant colors and strange energy.

Don’t Get Caught With The Greasies, 1980

Maxell Tape Ad (1980s)

McDonalds ad with Michael J. Fox (1980)

Fruit Roll Ups Commercial 1987

Cookie Crisp 1986

Duracell Copper Top Battery commercial 1982

Vaseline Lip Therapy Commercial 1987

Panasonic Commercial 1987

I Wanna Shasta 1983 Vintage Commercial

McDonald’s and You commercial 1982

The Enchanted World MTV 1987

VHS Tape Commercial 1985

Hey Cowboy Drink Your Milk commercial 1982

Wrangler 1982

Skittles A Rainbow of Flavors 1982

Turtle Pool BC Glasses at Arby’s 1983

Old Spice 1983

Foldger’s Drip Coffee 1983

Planter’s CHEESE BALLS 1983 Kung Fu Action

1983 Levi’s Commercial vintage

Mars Bar commercial Clinger 1983

SEGA Master System 1987

1983 Alpine Car Stereo ft a Lamborghini Countach

Pizza Hut featuring Martin Mull 1986

Levis Shorts 

Juicy Fruit is Gonna Move Ya Water Skiing Ad (Early 1980’s)

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