What is Secessio Plebis?

In Rome, citizens had multiple rights, but that did not mean there were no challenges for the ruling class. The plebeians (commoners) were part of the general body of free Roman citizens, but they were not patricians. Both classes of citizens in Rome were hereditary, and thanks to these commoners, Rome’s government ended up creating …

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What Were the Twelve Tables of Rome?

In the late 1780s, after the United States had formally concluded peace with Britain and secured its independence, the lawmakers who formed the Second Continental Congress and issued the Declaration of Independence in 1776 faced new problems. The United States was now free of foreign oppression but needed a constitution and ancillary laws. The constitution …

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Why did Sulla March on Rome?

On 1 November 82 BC, a battle took place virtually within the city of Rome itself.  It was a climactic end to a civil war that began the previous between the supporters of the Roman general, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, and an alliance of Marians. The Marians were supporters of the recently deceased military commander, Gaius …

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