Betty Brosmer: Beautiful photos of the pin up star with the ‘Impossible Waist’

Betty Brosmer, often celebrated as the first supermodel, epitomized the glamour of the 1950s with her striking beauty and unique figure. Born on August 2, 1935, in Pasadena, California, Brosmer rose to fame through her numerous appearances in popular magazines.

She graced the covers of over 300 publications, making her one of the most recognizable faces of her era. Her iconic look was distinguished by her remarkably small waist, which measured a mere 18 inches, paired with a proportionate bust and hips that defined the hourglass silhouette sought after during that time.

Beyond her modeling achievements, Brosmer ventured into the world of fitness and health, co-founding the women’s health magazine, Shape, with her husband Joe Weider in 1981. This move was a testament to her commitment to promoting wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

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